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If you have a research project idea that meets our criteria, has the potential to benefit from the funding and support provided by the Foundation and collaboration with GSK scientists at the Tres Cantos Campus, we want to hear from you.

In addition to its traditional scope (Tuberculosis, Malaria and Kinetoplastid infections drug discovery), TCOLF will consider for funding proposals for Shigellosis research in the following key areas of interest :

  • Exploitation of HTS amenable screening approaches to identify hits and leads (extra- and intracellular).
  • Target based approaches on genetically and chemically validated targets.
  • Medicinal chemistry optimisation of hits or leads towards drug candidates.
  • Animal models that allow the quick evaluation, ranking and establishment of PK/PD relationships of leads against Shigellosis.

To submit your project for consideration, please download our proposal template, and submit your completed proposal to us.

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Guide for Applicants & Discovery Projects
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