Tres Cantos Open Lab team

Nick Cammack

Nick Cammack | Senior Vice-President and Head, Medicines Development Campus for Diseases of the Developing World In this role, Nick is responsible for the discovery and developmentof medicines to trea...more

Lluis Ballell-Pages

Lluis Ballell | Open Lab Head and Director External Opportunities Diseases of the Developing World Lluis Ballell is Director of External Opportunities for the Tres Cantos Medicines Development Campus ...more

Lola Jiménez-Alfaro

Lola Jiménez-Alfaro| Open Lab coordinatorLola holds the position of Open Lab operations Coordinator, supporting the implementation and monitoring of Open Lab projects, meeting compliance regula...more

Elena Lopez

Elena Lopez | Grants & Project Manager Elena López is the Open Lab Cofund Programme manager and member of the Open Lab team, guiding grantees through the application process and the impleme...more